Evinrude E-TEC:

The Future Of Outboard Engine Technology Is Here

The new Evinrude G2 is the most exciting outboard to hit the water ever!  Featuring the best fuel efficiency, and emissions of any outboard coupled with breathtaking performance and you have true game-changer on the water.  Give us a call for a test-run today!  

Whisper-quiet Operation

The exclusive E-TEC idle air bypass circuit, acoustically tuned air intake, exhaust silencers and state of the art acoustic foam lining make for an incredibly quiet engine that hums like nothing else on the water. Owners will immediately notice the whisper-quiet operation.

Easy to Own

E-TEC outboards require no scheduled dealer maintenance for the first three years or 300 hours of normal recreational use. You'll never have to change the oil or oil filter, which can cost several hundred dollars each year for other technologies. Comment: this would make a powerful callout

Durability, Quality And Reliability

E-TEC engines have all three, with robust, oversized motor components throughout for longer engine life. And they're not just big: they're super tough. In fact, their pistons are 2.5 times stronger than traditional pistons at operating temperatures, thanks to a newly-patented NASA alloy.

They also use an exclusive low friction design. There are no belts, no chains, no powerhead gears, no cams, and no mechanized oil pumps.

All  E-TEC outboards feature the S.A.F.E. TM (Speed Adjusting Failsafe Electronics) information and alarm system, which reduces engine rpm in case of emergency to prevent engine damage and protect your investment.

Power And Performance

The lightweight design of the E-TEC engine increases performance and boat handling, while its large displacement provides more horsepower and torque. This combination of light weight and high torque makes E-TEC accelerate faster and achieve higher top speeds than any other outboard engine in its class.

Visit Evinrude's website for more details.


Marine Locker has a large inventory of E-TEC outboards from 40-300HP in-stock